Buttons Shortcode

How to add buttons to page/post

To add buttons to your page simply click on buttons shortcode button, that can be found integrated in default editor panel in visual mode. See image below.


Buttons Settings

Buttons shortcode comes with following options:
“Type of Button” option allows you to choose one of the 3 available button styles: “Simple button”, “Simply button black”, “Big Color Button”. Choose the one you need and it will be possible to preview it in block below.

“URL for Button” – a link for you button.

“Link target” – you can check this option to open button link in a new window.

“Use as Download” – by default if you add link to your file, it will be opened in browser. If you want it to be downloaded, then you need to check this option.

“Change Color” – You can set any color for each button style.

After you are done with settings, click “Insert” button.

Shortcode will be placed in content, inside your editor. Exactly where the syntax is placed depends on where your cursor is. So don’t forget to place cursor in correct place in your content, before adding shortcode.

Button Examples

Check Button Examples Here